It has taken me a while to get around to posting all these beautiful photos from our trip to Europe because I took well over 1000! I loved going through them all and trying to pick and choose which ones to share but man does it take a ton of time! We first spent the first few days of our visit at Disneyland Paris, followed by Versailles and Paris and then took a quick train ride to Amsterdam for a few days. While we spent the least amount of time in Amsterdam, we found some of the nicest people and the most delicious food.

I felt the most uncomfortable there because it was my first time visiting and the language was completely foreign. I speak a little french and can get by just fine in Paris, but Amsterdam was a completely different story. None of the signs or any parts of the language were remotely close to English (or French!). Of course there are plenty of English speakers there, but they start off in Dutch and look at you like you’re going to respond and then we look sad and confused and say “English?” and they respond back in English. Nearly everyone spoke English with the exception of a few older ladies at a bakery, but we got by πŸ™‚

We stayed at the Max Brown Museum Square Hotel which was a great location because we wanted to get pictures at the IAmsterdam sign which was nearby. We showed up that evening to scout it out and there were SO many people there that we decided to come back early the next morning. Well, funny story: we showed up the next morning and the sign was gone. There were people with “IAmsterdam” coats and clipboards who looked official, so we asked them where the sign went and they said the city moved it to an undisclosed location because the current location was getting too busy! Can you believe that? Like, no warning or anything. We were so shocked and weren’t expecting that in the least. So we were a little bummed about that.

But we did find lots of outdoor markets with inexpensive produce and the Original Stroopwafels Stand which had fresh and warm Stroopwafels which were just as delicious as we had hoped. The other noteworthy restaurant was called Corner Bakery. Worth every calorie!

We only ended up spending one full day there before flying home, but we certainly made it count!

Have you been to Amsterdam before? I dream of going back when the weather is a little warmer πŸ™‚

We found a little park and let the kids run off all their energy. REALLY helpful while traveling πŸ™‚

I love this photo.

SO many bikes in Amsterdam. Like more bikes than people. I’m not sure if that’s true, actually. But there are a lot of bikes there!

Stroopwafel perfection!
Mini pancake stand!
That pat of butter was enormous compared to those mini pancakes! So tasty though!!

Delicious Corner Bakery!

Blake got antsy quite a bit on this trip, so many times, I would say “run down to the fifth tree and then run back to me.” It worked like a charm.

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